I am proud to say my blog has finally reached 10k views. I have been quiet working on updates and things for here instead of posting about doing them. Tons of smaller posts and things are happening because of that.

I'd like to thank everyone who's kept up with my growing page here and my shenanigans. The layout changes I had been working on looked too much like a different site that I'm refocusing on a secret project and the shrine pages. I'd like to get javascript down for some interesting shrine pages soon. My weeks have felt exactly the same again; I've had Kirby on the mind, Joel of vinesauce [Vargskelethor] uploaded a playthrough of "Kirby & the Amazing Mirror". It had four player multiplayer, really interesting game I never owned cause if I got it I'd have to get three other copies :P I think I've already talked about vinesauce a little bit.



I am once again toying with more designs, and like always I am never happy with any of them. Eh, I don't know what I want all I know is I don't like what I made after I make it.

Blinkies and a Dream


Another new day. I've made some more blinkies, expect them to be thrown up soon.

I threw the image tag up there but the image isn't displaying for me :/ I assume it's a server thing. Anyways, that took twenty minutes to show for me.

I had a strange dream and I'm unsure about adding it. It's one of those that felt real when it was happening; I was at work, doing job stuff very normal. An additional fun-fact I'm a cook, don't think that's on THIS version of my blog yet. I'm sure that being a part of my dream means I'm there too much; Which is true, I am there too much. The shift went normally but pieces of the kitchen were slowly disappearing, as if the world was fading or as if fog was getting denser. This wasn't a concern I think I just wasn't paying attention to that but it was happening. Someone who hadn't been working there for a long time walked to me and said something along the lines of "Why are you here?" or "You're wasting time!" but I knew that they meant I needed to leave. Which was quite like them, atleast when I knew them; They were very critical of me.

So I think I told them "It's only a problem because you made it one" or "I only lose if I quit". I don't fully remember if anything else happened but I'm positive I linked some sentences together as this was most likely an arguement. I can tell you I woke up angry and confused ( :\ ). I weirdly miss some of the people like that in my life. The ones that would argue with me but, we didn't just argue we'd help each other sometimes it was like a weird friendship. We always just had moments where we'd argue but we always tried to get back to normal and most times we would. I never really started the arguements I didn't like the confrontation but, I'd get defensive about anything. I think I ironically got tired of dealing of it after awhile. Must be why I woke up tired :|

I don't have many people like that right now, if at all. I'm bad at keeping in touch with people; I know I could probably just send whatever and start again with some of them but the anxiety of it eventually staying bad terms is the worst. I'd rather people just stay happy and away, I get too attached with everyone and get over involved. Maybe I will way down the line but as it stands I'm not in the posistion to deal with that this year (already :S) I'd like friends but not if I'm going to get hyper-involved and shut down again. I do that all the time and I definitely need a break until this is done and I am caught up on my own business.

I gave up on watching Inari Kon Kon; I am considering changing the layout if I can get it to scale differently. I need to figure out flexboxes for the Navbar or move them around. I toyed around with a brighter color scheme but it loses that feeling I want. Maybe a shrine page in brighter colors? "Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki" got an anime adaptation this season; I read the manga as they released for awhile. I might wait for a dub and the first season to be up if it isn't already. It had a profesional smash bros stand-in, I forget what their game was called but it clearly was meant to be that. The guy was trying to get better at talking to people and this girl that plays the game with him is trying to hook him up with people. I feel like the two characters will obviously end up together but it would be way more interesting if they went a different route with it. She seen him as lesser or something so I just imagine that the main guy will inevitably rise above their expectations.

I just want something different for the sake of something different.



Well well well, it was Tuesday.

The recorded ramble idea won't be as simple as I thought, my computer while having decent specs does not support the game-bar. It will be some time before I feel like figuring that out, maybe a audio only track if at all. Maybe a lame visual center frame, this is why I need a mascot! I could use the portal icon or animate the purple portal I have.

EDIT: I got super distracted, forgot what else was going here :P it be like that sometimes. Goodnight people!

Workshopping and Plotting

1/11/2021 - 1/12/2021

I've created a theoretical one-page layout. I might start overusing the class sheet and div boxes now that I've figured them out. I am interested in what I'll attempt to keep and the ways I'll alter the existing pages to fit on one screen; If I like the new layout expect it here soon.

I just read that Brendan Fraser is going to be in a new movie called The Whale! So happy to hear he'll be acting on the big screen after so long. I have yet to watch Doom Patrol, a DC show he's in; I believe that's on HBO. I know for a fact it's on Amazon Prime.

This design works really well for me, I am stuck with this one :|
I need some terrible midis and to make the shrine special pages! Not another redesign. Do midis play on mobile or should I just embed a youtube video? The video or midi player will probably go above the Portal Marquee.

I've mainly been listening to Vinesauce, no song of the day because of that. I really like Joel, his streams are fun to watch because of his rambling and audience engagement; It has a chill atmosphere.

For my favorite game section if I have a favorite area of the game I was thinking of uploading a video to youtube and embedding my gameplay footage. Don't know if I'll have an audio track however it would be really cool to have the option to just watch me play or with my ramblingTM.

That will also inevitably be thrown into the projects page once I get some naming conventions for it. I did some huge fanart the other day of Richter, I need another place to upload my artwork because even when compressed it will take up a lot of room. The only days I'll be able to do the rambling would be early on a Wednesday Morning. We'll see how this goes...

I just made a blinky for my Cool Sites Section,

It also has a Blinkies section, for ones I find or created. I intend to make a ton of ones for things I'm interested in and hopefully some that are gifs.



I quickly messed with the background again, not sure if I will ever have one here; It will probably be fan-art or something I think looks cool. I think I found the shelves for my windows.

I've been playing a ton of minecraft and experimenting with a nomad style where I don't build a house after seeing others have no problem with it. Without focusing on building a structure and just placing your items well you have more time to just focus on collecting; Opening up more options faster and if I do finish the game then I can build a house with a lot more block options as well.

My busy months of March-June are on their way. You ever notice that no matter how much changes about life, the same patterns find a way of repeating themselves. It's easy to fall into a pattern, especially right now for myself. I'm dreading it and I know I'm going to make those months way more difficult than they need to be.

That's a lot of stressful stuff to unpack right now so I'll move on. I need to be less hard on myself but I also have goals that I won't go out of my way to meet if I don't get harder on myself :|

I wonder sometimes if anyone I know has seen my blog. I'm doing some pixel art things until I decide to shell out and get a drawing tablet; Those should be on here soon. I started doing the concepts of the project pages, I have a really interesting idea for the Castlevania section.

Here's some Richter pixel art I did, it's based on my favorite of his designs; Wanted to pay homage to that game.

Maybe a whole fan-project? Maybe just a page. We'll see; Currently I'm hyping myself up to do something.

Behind the scenes


I've been messing with div posistioning and got another idea for the header coming up. This is my favorite color combo for the site, I toyed with other colors locally and this fits the feel I want it to have the best. More pages are in the works, the projects will be a long endeavour so I'm going to slowly add thingies to the personal tab and home screen stuffs.

I Feel I could redo the layout entirely with div boxes and make the sidebar scroll with the page but this layout still screams old internet to me and that would push it.

I seen this on Lucas' website, wanted to see how it worked

I think it'd be interesting to embed the song of the day to play. Next I need a little me to sit on the header or a mascot.

Late Night Ramble

1/7/2021 - 1/8/2021

Tonight, tonight. I've added some plans to the projects page. I hopefully am done messing with the layout for tonight, I've made a lot of alterations. I couldn't get the background to look correctly on mobile so it remains black. In other plans that aren't concrete maybe a webring but what would I call it.

*cough* CorBin's Portal *cough

Another idea would be a dedicated section for my hobbies but I doubt that would be something right now.

I haven't contacted my internet buddies since flash player went down; I am really bad with that sort of thing. My real friends I haven't contacted in forever, all that usually leads to is "can't wait to see you again" or "do something".

Anyways, I've considered writing music or making my own intentionally terrible midis for this place but, that currently won't be happening for some time. The idea would be to get a four song EP but I don't have a quiet place to do such deeds yet, usually my people go on vacation sometime in May but that hopefully won't be going down.

I don't know if it's joycon drift but it's so hard to land the shoryuken with the switch controller. I need to re-setup my cables for I can play on a bigger screen with the gamecube controller. I feel like I'm going to end up buying The Castlevania Collection for playstation.

The Metal Gear section idea is most likely evolve into a Capcom and a Kojima/Konami Section so I can group more things I like together; Zone of Enders, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Silent Hill and some B-tier titles I don't see mentioned alot (Your gonna have to wait for the page to see those though!) The Capcom games will probably include; Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry (I'm too tired to come up with more).

I got some knitting stuffs in my basement and my Mom got some for Christmas but doesn't actually know how/want to use them. Of knitted little dudes I want to make a Tiny Richter and give him a little piece on his hand for the whip. I think the long coat could offer some standing options for it without being too bulky. The idea is about a four inch thing. If I figure out how to do them really well I might make some more guys for other people and things like that. I think a little godzilla would be cool for one of my friends.

I'm so excited to try this new thing that I've only thought of things that would be cool and not how I'll do them, this is a common occurrence for me.

I honestly am out of time tonight, expect some things on the morrow.

Fresh Paint


Adding in some color schemeing. Updated the header section up top. The reformatting is done. The page background is underway. Gonna be some cool castlevania artwork back there just gotta sketch it up. If I can somehow have it segmented, the bottom corner will have draculas castle and the right side will have the moon with some bats and things. If I can get it to change by page, I will have the background fit the content; Better yet! If I can get it to alternate on it's own I could make the background be anything I'm interested in.

I'm very happy with this update, I have been trying to slowly add more muted colors.

I just got back from the video store, got my hands on Crash 4, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and StarWars Squadrons. From their movies I got The Thing (2011) and I think that's all, my parents grabbed a whole lot more.

When it comes to Street Fighter, my favorite character is Sakura; Ken is my next favorite and I don't believe there's a third; In Street Fighter 5 they gave her options with her hadouken and I really like that about her moveset.

The background is a placeholder for now; Just until the final one is finished.



The page for my projects is finally up, currently I am adding in past projects to the page. Art and things will be uploaded when I get access to our family scanner. I am sleeping most of today however don't expect it to be finished but the page is up. Family Video is closing down so I'm (hopefully) going to be buying up stuff from their liquidation sales 8)

Anime Rambling and Self-Reflection


As mentioned in an older post, only a handful of the anime I watched were especially memorable to me. I would consider these my favorites. From my about page, it could quite easily be trimmed down to;

Robotech, Gurren Lagann, Ouran Host Club, Your Lie in April, Takagi-san, Evangelion, Love is War, Kanon, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, ORESUKI, and Senko-san.

My top three of these shows, if the others would disappear would be Evangelion for destroying how I view the mecha genre, Kanon for it's warm setting and finally a tie between Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo for it's characters.

I like anime with an actual ending, for some reason that is very difficult to get with what I want. Not that I'm complaining about what I've found but, after watching so many shows only to find out the rest only exists in a manga makes me wish I just had the manga (Which is usually their intention, to make you buy their manga) so many shows can scratch my itch but can't tie up their plotlines or they allude to more happening that will never come. Senko-san was memorable for it's wholesome atmosphere to me but suffers from buy-the-manga when you finish it. Eventually I will start buying manga, the lack of cons is helping me not buy random things for high prices but I might start searching around.

I recently found out that Sailor Moon is on Hulu for some reason, I'm late to that party but I'm very interested in finally watching it. Inari Kon Kon is what I'm currently watching but I might curb it to finally check that out.

The game I've been playing with friends has been down for multiple days, we haven't interacted a whole lot since then. I'm terrible at forcing interactions with others. If I didn't have to I don't think I'd speak to anyone. Not that I don't want interaction but I just want to chill with people just vibe around sometimes, I am a sleepy boy.

The way I write my sentences include what I want to say in a way that makes sense to me and followed by an attempt at explaining it to someone else, this being why the site quote is what it is.

So much of this is me saying "not to say :this:" or "I mean to say..." I have a constant feeling that I need to explain myself to others due to thinking "differently" that I can't switch it off but also am self-aware of some of my actions like this. There was a strange attachment to the word that descibes what I have but I am so done to death with using it that I cannot bare to type that out and wanting to leave some of myself to me, god forbid. Like it's hardwired I can't let anyone know directly. While I haven't met anyone with it as well that would be able to express how it effects them besides my brother, who switches when it's effecting him. Having a brother that has it too has let me experience what I have from the third-person even if it's a different form of it I can attempt to apply it to my own. Allowing for interesting introspection.

That's all I have time for today ( :/ schedules)

Late Night


I posted a lot for about an hour or so, then realized I went overboard and decided to clear it. The Projects Page is on it's way sometime Wednesday night if I get around to actually completing the entire thing.

Today has been troubling for me and I can't seem to avoid hearing about the problems it brought or what I need to be doing; I want an actual break, my normal stimming things aren't helping me as much and I've been really emotional for way longer than normal.

I miss feeling like I knew what I needed to do.

Concerning layout, I've been thinking about chaging band of the week to be more of a "I've been overplaying this song"; That way I just update it whenever and talk about it if I feel like it; That is the style I'm operating on here... Anyways, forget Wednesday that can happen almost everynight, I just need a shorter title for it.

Belated Christmas


I recently recieved a christmas box from some friends. Tons of tea flavors and snacks to go with it (I am really low on those things and am really grateful!) Some of the flavor names look really vauge so I'm very curious to try them out. They always get me tea things but I forget every year, then I open the box and get hyped again every year :3

The projects page is on my computer, I just want to toy around with what remains and it will finally be up! After so long too; for those brand new to my website, this was the original intention for the site. A place where I could post stories and things I wrote however, bloging takes way less energy and I was hired around the time I originally created the blog so it's been sitting for some time until this year (honestly thanks quarantine!). The site is slowly chugging to be the portal of my activities and such, as it is intended.

The cork board is still at work (phew) but I need to talk to the guy that hung it up to see. Then again, it is falling apart now that I get a closer look at it.

Once I get the projects page up I might do some fun project specific pages, with different looks and such inspired by whatever I feel; I say this because I already have some ideas plotted out. The guest book is also on it's way to the community tab, just as soon as I weigh what options there are.

Spring Cleaning


I am in the process of rearranging my bedroom, I think I want small bookshelves above my windows. I'm removing a ton of old posters and things (finally); I might even put up some cork boards instead for productivity, photos and doodles. UPDATE: I think my work is getting rid of their old cork board and if it's any bigger than the one I found myself I might snatch it before they throw it out (SCORE! :D).

I have a vintage lava lamp in my weird item collection but it needs a new bulb. Did you know the weird blobs inside of some older ones had springs in them? I found it strange but it makes sense; It needs to stay together somehow. Not sure if they all have them but mine does.

I got a new belt for christmas that's from some firehouse, a "Ladder 34" belt; I have yet to trim it down yet. When it's in my hands I always feel like I'm going to cut it too short.

My roblox map is coming along well, I'm only designing the map currently (no coding hijinks); I'm making a small island with villages and foilage. I have the first half of it finished. I'll post screenshots once it's finished and maybe share a link?

That's all I got time to post today, maybe some late night updates about Steely Dan? I feel I've neglected them so far, but I already like so much of their music I don't know what to add on top of that.

EDIT: I'm starting to notice only a handful of the anime I pick to watch seems to be memorable. Maybe a retrospective on my favorites. The Steely Dan "Band of the Week" is kind of out of steam, I have nothing to alter about the placement of the songs compared to before and have nothing else to say about them. I need to pick bands that I am not as familiar with I assume.

"Alright, now what?"


If you didn't notice I am now using frames, old posts are once again in the archive. I am not going to edit the incorrect information in old posts concerning layout. (Such as the mention of band of the week, which is now just permanently on the Nav Bar) I have also altered how the date is displayed. Site feels more like an actual website to me now. I mean to say, what I wanted my website to be; Now I can easily tweak things and such.

For new years, I gamed with friends, watched anime and listened to music. My neighbors did fireworks until 3:00; At which time I actually noticed I missed new years. (Not that it would change anything). I don't like to do anything for new years so, this year I didn't have to hear about it which is a plus.

I don't think one days purpose should be to set goals for the rest of the year and wish to do that anyday at anytime. The only thing that happens for me personally is I have to buy a new calander. It can make others feel special however so let them be. But don't let those unmet goals drag you down if you don't meet them please!

I talked about fictional pirates the other day. Maybe I'll post my "sleep deprived pirate ramble" soon.

I tried to get .swf files of old flash games before it shut down without any knowledge. On my crusade I didn't figure out how to open them properly as they were segmented. [Maybe another day]

I need to upgrade my computer, I thrifted all of the pieces and things I'm currently running. My moniters, speakers, keyboard; ALL OF IT IS SECOND-HAND. Which I am proud to have found it all but, I can only do so much with it. Decent specs and all that, I can play most of the games I collect, the moniter is way too small. The speakers are the same as my childhood PC so I don't want new ones. A cooler keyboard would be nice.

My lil' cousins have gotten me to play roblox with them, I used to play the game all the time and now I want to make them some fun levels for them [and myself too :P] My current level I'm making for them has japanese inspired architecture. I really wanna mess with scripting to get some NPCs in it but I don't remember anything about Lua I am trying to relearn some stuff for it and hopfefully be better.